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Sex Enhancement

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Aweto KingKong Sex Capsule,Chongao Sex Pill


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Aweto KingKong Sex Capsule,Chongao Sex Pill

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The work efficiency:

Added strength, enhance immunity, slow physical degradation. To restore and improve the function of men. For all kinds of men and kidney problems and lumbar debility, deficiency of both qi, lack of energy, fatigue, sexual degradation after such good care and rehabilitation. See instructions.

usage and dosage:

1 .daily health, a grain per 3 days .add body energy, enhance immunity, anti-aging, physiological functions, improve life quality degradation of husband and wife. Effective prevention and treatment of male, kidney dysfunction and lumbar debility, deficiency of both qi, lack of energy, the energy shortage, low sexual desire, lumbar debility, chills afraid of the cold, etc. See instructions.

Ingredient: Aweto, Genseng, Medlar, icariin , etc.


Suitability: The patients such as Premature ejaculation, Erectile dysfunction, Small penis, Waistache, Micturition .


Dosage & Direction: Take one grain with salt warm water 30 minutes before sexy intercours.


Specification: 9g X12 grains

  • Model: Chongao Sex Pill
  • 5000 Units in Stock