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Sex Enhancement

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FuRun Bao Sex Pill,Fu Run Bao,FurunBao Sex Casule


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FuRunBao Capsule

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Detailed Product Description

FURUNBAO Capsule Natural sex product!
100% original and quality gurantee!
FURUNBAO Money refund if not satisfaction!

Indication: Enhance male sexual function, and supply body with protein. Made from pure Chinese medicine being suitable for long-term consumption without any-side effects. It could improve the symptoms followed: Dizziness, Vertigo, Tinnitus, insomnia more dreams and impotence.

Ingredients: Jujube, Medlar , Jobs Fruit, Common Yam Rhizome , Ginkgo Biloba, Indian Bread , Corgon Fruit

Dosage: 1 capsule each time, lasting for 72 hours.

Valid Date : 18 months

SPEC: 8 capsules per can

  • Model: FuRunBao Capsule
  • 5000 Units in Stock