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Sex Enhancement

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VIM 25 SeX Tablet,VIM 25 Sex Capule

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VIM-25 (sex product for men)
faster,longer erections
Cure Ejaculation
allows blood to flow into penis...
Brand: VIM-25

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1. Product Name: Vim-25

2. Brief Description: VIM-25, Natural Male Performance Enhancer. It is an all-natural, help boost your sexual pleasure and improve your sexual performance.

VIM-25, new strengthening effectiveness stronger and more safety, can effectively enhance the male in bed between performance and let your confidence, and enjoy the fun, covering 25 minutes after taking only needed to give you all the energy, using natural herbal essence, use modern preparation technique and refined, is worth to your trust of natural help products.

VIM-25, extend, can quickly and fast libido and fatigue resistance, resistance to the effects of stress and allows you to add sexual frequency and power, and let your energetic, even will not affect the work spirit.

3. Main Ingredients: Ge Gen, Lycium Fruit, Chinese Yam Rhizome, Poria Sclerotium, Cnidium Fruit, Tienchi Ginseng, Cassia and Asian Ginseng.

4. Effect:

VIM-25 helps boost your sexual pleasure and improve your sexual performance.

VIM-25 is fast-acting with an average reaction time of less than 30 minutes.

VIM-25 has been proven as the longest lasting supplement on the market today, giving you the stamina and high energy you need, even 24 hours later.

5. Specification: 24 capsule / box

6. Usage: Take one 30 minutes prior to sexual activity. If frequent erection occurs, drinking cold water can help. For best result, take it weekend.

7. Cautions:

a) Take this product after six hours do not use other medicine

b) The 24 hours do not take medicine than 1 grain

c) If a heart attack and hypertension, do not use this product

d) If you’re not sure to consult a doctor after using the product

8. Storage: Please store in the cool and dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

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